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Thousand-Person Long Race to Celebrate Chinese New Year

Published: 2015-02-16


On February 7, along with the morning sun of the New Year, the 2014 Chinese New Year Celebration Long Race organized by NGC Group was splendidly commenced. Over a thousand employees from different business groups under NGC Group bid farewell to the Year of the Horse and celebrated the upcoming Year of the Goat by way of healthy exercise.

The race was held in NGC Group’s 400-mu wind power transmission equipment manufacturing base and featured 2 sporting events, an athletic race and a fitness race. The entire distance of the athletic race was approximately 3.2 km with classifications of male individual, group, and female individual competitions. The entire distance for the fitness race was approximately 1.5 km. There were 33 delegations in total from subsidiaries and business departments in the race, including 28 (280 people in total) for the male group race, 39 for the female individual athletic race and 683 for the fitness race. After fierce competition, the the top 10 prizes for group matches were won by the 3rd branch of High Speed Company, Yaw and Variable Pitch Manufacturing Division, the 1st branch of High Speed Company, the 2nd branch of High Speed Company, Avis Transmission Technology Co., Ltd., Gaote Gearbox Manufacturing Co., Ltd, the 7th branch of High Accurate, High Speed Transmission Sky CNC, Equipment Power Office of High Speed Company, and Yaw and Variable Pitch Technical Quality Office. Shan Xu from the 1st branch of High Speed Company, Huang Jirong from the 7th branch of NGC and Yin Wencan from Avis Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. respectively won the top 3 places for the male individual competition. Xue Tian from J-crystal Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd., Li Xiaofen from High Accurate squad and Chen Yurong from High Speed Transmission Sky CNC respectively won the top 3 places for the female individual competition.

(Opening Ceremony)

(Mr. Hu Yueming, Chairman and General Manager of NGC Group, sent his New Year greetings and announced the commencement)

The Long Race for the New Year has become one of the most involved, popular and inspiring corporate cultural brand activities at NGC. Thus far a total of 5 have been successfully held, with footsteps covering major manufacturing bases in various large business groups. This year’s race returned to the initial location - the 400-mu wind power manufacturing base. It was retrospection to the well received corporate cultural activity. It also provided an opportunity and a platform for the employees to understand and experience the most advanced modernized manufacturing base of the Company.

At this competitive event, the Chairman and General Manager of NGC Group, Hu Yueming, presented a passionate New Year celebration speech. He expressed his acknowledgement for the sweat and effort of all employees in moving forward regardless of difficulty, uniting toward a common goal, advancing despite burdens and overcoming problems in corporate structural adjustment and transition promotion under the leadership of each business group over the past year. At the same time, he also expressed a wish to make the 45th anniversary of plant establishment a stating point for the all cadre and employees to reform and to achieve continual innovation and self-improvement in 2015 as we comprehensively promote corporate transitioning and updating to contribute to the prolonged development of NGC. (By Ju Ming and Tu Guangji)

(Top 20 of Male Individual Competition and Top 12 of Female Individual Competition)

(10th to 5th and 4th to 2nd of Group Race)

(Group Champion Delegation)

(Scenes from the Fitness Race)

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