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Propellers Exported by NGC to Malaysia Pass FMEA and Dynamic Positioning Testing

Published: 2015-03-17


Recently, the controllable pitch propeller system and the fore and aft side thrusters produced by NGC Marine Group’s subsidiary - Nanjing High Accurate Marine Equipment Co., Ltd., (“NGC Marine” below) for the 61.8-meter AHTS of a Malaysian customer successfully passed sea trials, the FMEA test and dynamic positioning sea trials. This dynamic propulsion system is the first set of controllable pitch propeller propulsion systems exported by NGC Marine to Malaysia, and the success of the sea trials marks the successful entry of NGC products into the Malaysian offshore boat market, further expanding the market of NGC products to Southeast Asia.

The 61.8-meter AHTS is a typical anchor handling tug supply engineering vessel. With a heavy draught of 4.5 M, this vessel is designed with double engines and propellers and equipped with 2 fore side thrusters and 1 aft side thruster. With a high degree of automation, it must satisfy the requirements of DP2 and FMEA. The design requirements incorporated into this project include the demand that under conditions of standard sea conditions and a full load 100% MCR, the vessel can steer at the speed of 13 knots and the bollard pull is up to 70 tons. Results of the test of the actual vessel show that the speed and bollard pull of this vessel exceed the design requirements, and the shipowner speaks highly of the technology of the vessel propellers.

The designer of this vessel is MTX Design Institute of Singapore, and the shipyard is located in Malaysia. The sales and technical team of NGC Marine has participated in the technical negotiation, with technical guidance of on-site installation, sea trials and acceptance of the entire project. NGC Marine closely cooperated with the foreign design institute and shipyard during the implementation of this project. Through full and effective communication and cooperation, all difficulties of the project have been addressed during the design phase, laying a solid foundation for NGC Marine products to participate in the international competition and accumulating abundant experience. Although the delivery time of this vessel is pressing and the tasks involved in debugging were complicated and arduous, the after-sales service team of NGC Marine succeeded in their advanced sea trials and delivery thanks to their abundant debugging experiences of many years, overtime work, high quality products and efficient service. The shipowner profusely praised the product and service quality of NGC Marine. Through the success of this project, NGC Marine products have fully won the reputation and the trust of the Malaysian customer, and paved the way for internationalization of the design and after-sales service team of NGC Marine.

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