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NGC 7 MW Grade Wind Energy Gearbox Passed National Sci-Tech Support Program Inspection

Published: 2017-07-03


On June 20th, the National Sci-Tech Support Program, project “R&D of 7MW Grade Wind Energy Gearbox and Main Bearing of the Main Shaft Industrialization Key Technology” led by NGC Wind Energy Drive Equipment Manufacturing Base and Nanjing High Speed Gear Manufacturing Co., LTD., was accepted by experts in Hangzhou.

As the leading company on the project, NGC is also the leader in the global wind energy drive equipment manufacturing industry and is committed to providing global customers with the best value-added solutions, covering a full range of product lines ranging from 750 KW to 6 MW, and provide customized service. Our company always focuses on four core competitive strategies: “Innovative Thinking, Zero Defect Quality, Professional Service, and Close to Customer”, to provide the best quality products, the most exquisite technology, and the most perfected service for the global wind energy market. At present we have delivered 50,000 sets of primary wind energy gearboxes and more than 300,000 sets of yaw variable pitch drives to 40 power plants in 30 countries around the world.

We have mastered the core technology of a full range of products under 6 megawatts (mw), such as wind energy gearbox design, key components heat deformation control, specialized and efficient gear rolling, special processing for gear tooth surfaces, finite element analysis of gearboxes. We hold the independent intellectual property rights of nearly 100 patents in key high-powered wind turbine gearbox technologies.

With the large-scale development and utilization of high quality wind resources on land, the world has shifted focus to the development of offshore wind resources. Due to high construction costs of offshore wind farms, the use of turbines with multi-megawatt-class capacity has now reached a consensus.

“R&D into the Key Technology of 7MW Grade Wind Energy Gearbox and Spindle Bearing Industrialization” completed the 5 MW and 6 MW spindle bearings, 5 MW offshore wind turbine shunt gearbox, 6 MW lightweight offshore wind turbine gearbox, and single support spindle bearings. We have mastered the core design method for lightweight, modularized, and serialized high-powered wind turbine gearboxes, developed many innovative technologies in the high-powered offshore wind energy gearbox transmission system and spindle bearing design, and completed the 7 MW grade gearbox and large spindle bearing industrial base.

Offshore wind energy is an important direction for the future development of global wind energy and a new growth point, not only for China, but for the world. The completion of “R&D into the Key Technology of 7MW Grade Wind Energy Gearbox and Spindle Bearing Industrialization” has demonstrated far-reaching significance in promoting the rapid development of China’s wind energy industry, replacing imports, reducing the wind energy costs and achieving the localization of 7 MW grade wind turbine generator systems. (by Qian Hongru)

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