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Published: 2010-08-25

     On August 23, Mr. Hu Yueming, the Group’s Chairman and General Manager came to join in the 2010 New Staff outward course in the morning, and had a kind conversation with the 76 newly employed 2010 graduates. Mr. Hu extended a warm welcome to the new staffs, briefly introduced about the company and made an analysis of the company development at present and in future. He pointed out that during the past four decades, NGC staffs united as one, worked hard, made selfless contribution to the company and has delivered great results. However we can not be satisfied with our present situation, the company should make diversified development based on its master position in his field. In this way, the company could be stronger to resist the market risk, to compete with others and could make a great development. Starting a Second Venture has been inspiring everyone of the company, you new blood will be an important part of our talents during the future development of our company.
Mr. Hu specially emphasized that NGC has been promoting human-oriented association instead of human-based management. Each staff will be the master of the company, and the company will provide the new staffs with help and support in their study, work and life, and will make everyone of them have the feeling of being at home. Mr. Hu affirmed the excellent performance of the new staffs in their studies during the past days and encouraged the new staffs to make self-orientation after being on board, put heart and soul into the job, fear no difficulties, dare to strive for success, respect the senior, be glad to seek for advice, be united and cooperative, consider others, face the challenge, show himself and complete the transformation from the campus to society and from student to professional person as soon as possible.
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