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A Journey to Love: China Transmission & PLA 81st Hospital Matchmaking Party

Published: 2015-01-10

Love is as tender as the water and dating is but a sweet dream. In this pleasantly warm winter, the Youth League Committee of Nanjing High-Speed & Accurate Gear Group Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of NGC Gears, organized a journey to love: China Transmission & PLA 81st Hospital Matchmaking Party on December 27. More than 30 singles from Nanjing High-Speed & Accurate Gear and the PLA 81st Hospital joined in the party.

As the music played, the party started with its first game -- Love Messages in Roses. Female guests selected male guests based on random numbers and male guests presented the Rose of Love to female guests accordingly. The couple linked with the Rose became intimate partners who would start a sweet and romantic journey to love.

The party continued through three interactive games including “Happiness Explosion”, “Heart By Heart” and “Please Care For Me” with lots of fun and excitement. The venue was filled with warmness. Male and Female guests worked together as they learned about one another and improved their interaction. Starting from acquaintances to initial understanding, they left each other with good impressions. The last game was a free activity in which guests could talk about their lives, play cards, and enjoy tea tasting. In the relaxed, warm and positive atmosphere, they traveled to the Shores of Love hand in hand.

This party built a bridge for single men and women to get to know each other. The male and female guests who were mutually interested in each other exchanged their contacts. They were thus blessed with sincere wishes for their successful pairing to be sweet forever! (By Jiang Jian)

Group Photo of Male Guests Holding Roses in Hands

Group Photo of Male and Female Guests

Photos from the Matchmaking Party:


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