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Sincere Teamwork, Bold Exploration -- Team Quality Development Training for Young Key Staff of High Speed Company

Published: 2015-05-13


On April 11, 2015, Nanjing High Speed Gear Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (“High Speed Company”), a subsidiary of NGC Gear Group, organized outstanding young key staff to go to a training base in Jurong city to for one day of team quality development training. The rich and vivid training contents not only helped the young staff who took part in the training relax themselves physically and mentally, but also inspired their vigor and energy.

With the theme of “sincere teamwork, bold exploration”, this activity aims to “temper the will of young staff and enhance team cohesiveness”. The activities also strengthened communication among trainees through well-designed activity contents and procedures, allowing young staff to be fully integrated into the team.

First, the trainer helped the trainees to adapt to outward training more quickly through interactive activities. Then, under the guidance of the trainer, the trainees were divided into three teams who competed against each other in activities, including activities called “monkeys grasp for the moon”, “gone in sixty seconds” and “performance decoding”. Through a series of cheerful activities, an atmosphere of teamwork was created and a basis for mutual trust was established.

With the training course developed, each group quickly and actively assigned tasks to their members in such a way as to give full play to each individual's advantages to assist the group to finish the tasks. Team members communicated with each other, enhanced advantages, and avoided disadvantage while actively coordinating with one another. During the activities, teams shared resources, complemented each other's advantages, and worked closely together. Through team coordination and joint effort of these youths, each activity achieved the expected result of 1+1>2. (By Qin Weiwei)

Monkeys Grasp for the Moon               Gone in Sixty Seconds

Performance Decoding                                    Dynamic Ball Juggling

Fair Catch of Colorful Beads                                             Diversion

Group Photo

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