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Passion, Innovation, Accountability, Sincerity - Record of the 2015 “Light the Passion, Enjoy the Work” Development Training of Technical Backbone of Nanjing High Accurate Marine Equipment Co., Ltd.

Published: 2015-06-11


In order to establish team dynamics, promote mutual dialogue and cooperation, and build an efficient technical team while encouraging everyone to challenge themselves and release their passion, the technical team of Nanjing High Accurate Marine Equipment Co., ltd., a subsidiary of NGC Marine Group, conducted a quality development training in Jinling Runyang Bridge Hotel on May 23 and 24, 2015. Themed around “passion, innovation, accountability, sincerity”, this training advocated being happy professionals, facing challenges with courage, and developing the future through innovation. Through efforts of every participating teacher and team member, all development courses were completed successfully.

During the two-day training, the Company arranged eight programs in total, respectively being “The Fast and The Furious”, “The Power of Team”, “Celestial Beauty Scattering Flowers”, “Keeping Records By Tying Knots”, “Blind Array”, “Tangram”, “Agitating the Heart” and “Escape Wall”. Centering on the theme of this training, all of these programs tested the capabilities of participating teams in terms of team communication, labor division and cooperation and effective implementation. In the program of “Celestial Beauty Scattering Flowers”, team members encountered a tremendous challenge, where they had to be divided into different groups with each group having 4 members, climbed a 8-meter pole, stood on a platform with an area of less than 1 square meter, and leaned backward in a free fall, making the team members have to handle the normally easy skill with more than normal care and caution. After the teacher explained operating points, team members overcame their psychological barriers, took on on difficulties with practical action and eventually all members completed the challenge successfully. They said, at the moment of standing on the platform, which, though, was swaying at their feet, they saw a different landscape, and experienced different feelings. While in the program of “The Power of Team”, all members discovered the great power of all persons pulling together. In the program of “Tangram”, everyone realized the importance of the division of labor and cooperation, learned how to coordinate functional departments with different tasks for mutual cooperation, and learned to share information and resources to avoid repetition and waste so as to maximize target benefit.

In the last link, which was the conclusion of training, each team member spoke enthusiastically, shared the pleasure of success and summed up experiences and lessons. They said, participating in such training after such busy and intense work helped them relieve stress, gain experience and record unprecedented achievements. They profoundly realized that the following. Firstly, difficulty is everywhere in work and life, and is enlarged infinitely in one’s mind, so overcoming one’s own shortcomings is the first step to achieve success. Secondly, one has to learn to communicate and share in work, and good ideas are always generated from intense collaboration. Thirdly, the power of team is great, and so long as everyone on a team is able to focus on the task at hand, no difficulty would be insoluble, thus strengthening the sense of participation and responsibility. Everyone is looking forward to the Company organizing more team training activities.

This development training received strong support from Mr. Chen Yongdao, general manager of the company. He took an interest in the arrangement of this training in person and arrived at the training site on the night of May 23. Before conducting the night training, he shared market achievements, technical breakthroughs, current developments and future planning of the company, encouraging everyone to strive to improve and boldly innovate, increasing technical contents in the company’s products, winning the favor of more customers and markets, and contributing their own efforts to the national ocean strategy. Finally, Mr. Chen participated in the fun party with great interest.


(Mr. Chen at the fun party)

(Ice-breaking Journey)

(Team Demonstration)

(The Fast and the Furious)

(The Fast and the Furious)


(Keeping Records by Tying Knots)

(The Power of Team)

(Blind Array)

(Celestial Beauty Scattering Flowers)

(Agitating the Heart)


(Escape Wall)

(Passionate embrace among team members)

(Team members sharing feelings and experiences)

(Group photo of the team to mark the occasion)

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