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Dragon Boat Race Welcoming Dragon Boat Festival, China Transmission Hoping for New Heights - Successful Holding of 2015 China Transmission Dragon Boat Race

Published: 2015-06-12


On June 6, 2015 the China Transmission Dragon Boat Race was held at Mochou Lake Park, Nanjing.

Accompanied by flying spindrifts and the deafening sound of drums and gongs, the mighty dragon boats carried China Transmission’s ambition and aspiration of “building a world-class enterprise” and China Transmission staff’s hope and pursuit of a good life in the dragon boat race for a good 7 years. This activity has been developing continuous innovation annually for 7 years. This competition divided the participating contestants into 24 teams after powerful combination, improving the strength of all teams and the excitement level of the competition. For this reason, the number of staff audience set a new record at more than 3,000 onlookers. At the same time, Mr. Jiang, party secretary, and Mr. Liu, chairman of the labor union of Nanjing New Industrial Investment Group, led the leadership of more than 20 large-scale enterprises and associate organizations to view and cheer.

(Panorama of the Parade)

(Opening Ceremony)

After an intense competition of 10 rounds in both preliminary and final competitions, the representative team from No. 3 Factory of China High Speed Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd. remained the champions for the third straight year. The gap between the representative teams from No. 7 Factory of Nanjing High Accurate Marine Equipment Co., Ltd., Nanjing AVIS Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. and No. 5 Factory of China High Speed Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd. winning the 2nd prize, and the champion was less than 10 seconds. The representative teams from Nanjing Ning Hongjian Machinery Co., Ltd., Welding Processing Plant of Nanjing Ningkai Machinery Co., Ltd., NGC Marine, No. 1 Factory of China High Speed Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd., and No. 5 Factory of Nanjing High Accurate Marine Equipment Co., Ltd., as well as the technology comprehensive representative team from Nanjing Gaote Gearbox Manufacturing Co., Ltd. won 3rd prize. The performance of the remainder of the teams was markedly improved, making the entire competition highly competitive and enjoyable.

At the closing ceremony, Shen Guanghu, Miao Fang, Zhang Shichong and Wang Delong, the top ten singers of China Transmission, sang Waved Brakey and Super Heroes, expressing persistent, positive, healthy and proactive attitudes toward life and the pursuit of ideals of China Transmission staff. Teachers and students from the “NGC Class” of Mochou Vocational School delivered a youthful air during their singing and dancing performance, while the long-time friend of China Transmission, Li Yuesheng, the national first-class performer and tenor, lightened up the atmosphere of the entire audience with Dragon Takeoff, singing of a dream of a takeoff and the determination of fulfilling the dream of China Transmission staff. (By Ju Ming and Tu Guangji).

(Panorama of the Race Course)

(Close-up of the Dragon Boat Race)

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