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Consolidating the Groundwork for Construction, Innovating the Development for Actual Effects -- The first meeting of the seventh Member's Congress and the ninth Workers' Congress of NGC Group was successfully held

Published: 2014-12-17


On December 9, at 2:00PM, the first meeting of the seventh Member's Congress and the ninth Workers' Congress of Nanjing High Accurate Drive Equipment Manufacturing Group (NGC Group) was held in the meeting room on the third floor of the group’s wind power industrial park.

(Panorama of the meeting)

The meeting was been highly valued by the leaders of NGC Group and the leaders of the trade union of Nanjing Xingong Investment Group, receiving a warm welcome from worker representatives. Leaders, including NGC Group Chairman and CEO Mr. Hu Yueming, Party secretary Mr. Jin Maoji of Group, and representatives coming from the Party committees, administrations, trade unions and youth league committees of various subsidiaries under the Group totaling 116 individuals participated in the meeting. The executive vice chairman Mr. Li Jinlin of the Xinggong Group attended the meeting in a guiding capacity.

(Enthusiastic participation by representatives)

After one year of hard work, the NGC Group trade union oversaw changeover work for primary branches of the Group as a whole, establishing four primary trade unions and adjusting the sub-institutions of eight groups, thus laying an organizational foundation for successfully holding the meeting. Over nearly three months, by establishing the preparatory committee, the five primary trade unions and eight sub-institutions proposed the list of member representatives and the list of candidates of the seventh council of trade unions, economic examination committee and female workers committee, eventually completing various first-phase meeting preparations.

(Electoral procedure was serious and just)

This meeting was held in a warm and peaceful atmosphere, with all representatives carefully listening and reviewing work reports from NGC Group’s representative Zhang Baoxiang in the sixth council of trade unions and the expenditure auditing report done by the representative Zhu Li in the fund inspection committee of the sixth expenditure council of trade unions. NGC’s the seventh council of trade unions, the fund inspection committee and the women workers committee were established through election during the meeting. On the sidelines of the meeting, partial top-ranking players standing out from the NGC’s 2014 “I'm growing with the enterprise” poetry and essay competition delivered speeches and recitations. They brought a strong worker mood to the meeting with their sincere words and enthusiastic speeches, offering a precious gift toward the celebration of the sixty-fifth anniversary of the establishment of the People's Republic of China and forty-fifth anniversary of the establishment of the factory.

(Essay speech and recitation)

Various work and specific experience were successfully summarized during the meeting, recounting efforts since the sixth Member's Congress. Unremitting endeavors and aggressive investigation of the sixth council of trade unions, such as performing duties of the trade union, maintaining production safety, improving employee benefits, strictly controlling fund management, developing innovative practices, promoting talent training, refining labor protection work, and building the enterprise culture, were highly appreciated. Meanwhile, in terms of enterprise stability and sustainable development, leaders of NGC Group led staff in awarding achievements through agglomerating mental effort and arousing all their efforts, so that the comprehensive strength of the enterprise reached new heights. The meeting judged that NGC’s sixth council of trade unions successfully completed work responsibilities and historical mission. The external environment of the enterprise will have complex changes when the country's economic development enters a new period of deepening transformation and development, and the new council of trade unions faces great challenges and even greater opportunities.

Party secretary Mr. Jin Maoji of NGC Group represented the Group’s Party Committee in proposing three expectations for the new council of trade unions: firstly, undertake the new historical mission; secondly, play a good role as a main force; thirdly, establish harmonious work systems. NGC Group Chairman and CEO Mr. Hu Yueming represented the group administration in delivering a warm speech. Firstly, he noted that the company’s administration will actively support the union source to participate in the work related to worker rights and interests and benefits, so as to ensure that the staff have the right to know and to participate in the major decisions and significant problems faced by the company. Secondly, the company’s administration will actively support the union to perfect and create democratic work management system, establishing and improving the affairs disclosure system, so as to improve the satisfaction of staff. Thirdly, the company’s administration will continuously support the carrier of the establishment of the union, and enrich the extracurricular lives of staff. The executive vice chairman Mr. Li Jinlin congratulated the victory in holding the meeting, and encouraged the new council of trade unions to continue to play the functional role of creating the “worker's home”.

Finally, all representatives adopted a resolution that requested the new council of trade unions to thoroughly apply the sixteen spirits of the Eighteenth People's Congress and Chinese Trade Unions, enhancing the building of the trade unions around economic construction, and actively promoting reform and innovative work within the trade unions. At the same time, the new council of trade unions will wholeheartedly rely on the workers, serve the workers, fully arousing their enthusiasm, initiative, and creativity while also mobilizing, guiding, and organizing staff to devote their work to enterprises, maximally agglomerating the wisdom and positive energy of the staff toward developing the enterprise. This will mean arduous efforts on everyone’s part toward realizing the new growth of enterprises and the enlargement of the “NGC dream”!

(Members of the presidium and newly elected members)

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