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The 2020 NGC Wind Energy Supplier Conference

Published: 2020-12-01


NGC recently convened its 2020 Wind Energy Supplier Conference with nearly 200 domestic supplier representatives in attendance. They discussed their plans for future cooperation, looked into opportunities for improved business and cooperation, and were thanked for the support given throughout 2020.

At the beginning of the conference, Mr. Hu Yueming, executive director of China High Speed Transmission Equipment Group Co., Ltd. delivered the opening speech. Mr. Hu expressed gratitude for the efforts and contributions made by suppliers on NGC’s path to further development. He believed that under the impact of Covid-19, NGC had maintained continuous business growth throughout 2020, which could not have succeeded without the support of the whole supply chain. He said that in the future, the wind energy industry will embrace both challenges and opportunities. All supply chain representatives will go all out to maintain their competitive edge, help each other and usher in a win-win market.

Mr. Hu Jichun, president of NGC Group, shared the current situation and trends in the wind energy market, and the dynamic state of wind energy machinery in his keynote speech. He pointed out that the market is improving as a whole, under the precondition that “China promises that its CO2 emission should reach a peak level by 2030 and will try to realize carbon neutrality by 2060”. Due to the grid parity of the wind energy industry, the supply chain is facing severe challenges. He called on suppliers to cooperate as much as they could, also in terms of research and development, in order to promote cost optimization with perfection-seeking technology. In his view, the driving force of sustainable development is the competitive edge gained from a combined wind energy supply chain.

Mr. Zhou Zhijin, vice president of NGC Group and senior director of Strategic Purchasing Department, Mr. Liu Zhen, deputy general manager in charge of quality development within the Wind Energy Business Unit of NGC Group, and Mr. Sun Yizhong, product development and technology director of the Wind Energy Business Unit, gave keynote speeches on the topics of supply chain development management, quality development, and new products and technologies. While publicizing the policies of NGC on the construction of supply chains, they have raised quality requirements in the era of fair pricing and invited NGC’s wind energy suppliers to cooperate in cost optimization activities.

NGC invited two typical supplier representatives to give keynote speeches; both expressed gratitude for the support, recognition and trust they have received from NGC. At the conference, they shared their experiences of cooperation with NGC and said that working with an industrial leader had not only brought a stable business income, but also enhanced the company’s management and influence in the wind energy industry.

The conference was successfully concluded after Mr. Gu Xiaobin, executive director of NGC Group and president of the Wind Energy Business Unit, expressed his gratitude to the suppliers.

NGC Group expects every supplier, manufacturer and service provider to work together to promote the sustainable development and improvement of the enterprise and the entire industry. Partners should try to improve overall competitiveness in the wind energy industry and pursue win-win supply chain cooperation by supplementing and combining their resources and capabilities, thus deepening technological cooperation.

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