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NGC Facilitates Connection of New Ultra-Supercritical Double-Reheating Coal-fired Generator Set to the Grid

Published: 2020-12-25


The national demonstration project “High and Low Level 1350 MW Unit for the Shenneng Anhui Pingshan Power Plant Phase II” has been successfully connected to the Grid. This project uses high- and-low level dual-axis double-reheating power generation technology, a new type of ultra-supercritical double-reheating coal-fired generator.

Based on advanced product design, outstanding manufacturing technology and a wide range of references in the coal power industry, NGC has been recognized and appreciated by a variety of end-users. All coal mill gearboxes were supplied by NGC. The products meet the design requirements in terms of vibration and stability, and all operate reliably, highlighting the technical strengths, continuous innovation and development at NGC in the field of coal power transmission.

Advanced products and technologies

The reliability of gearboxes, key equipment for coal mills, is critical to the stable operation of the unit. The coal mill gearboxes for this project was developed based on NGC’s industrial gearbox technology platform, using a modular design concept. Full use is made of advanced technologies such as multi-objective gear modification, structural topology optimization, and lubrication system simulation, to provide customers with fast and reliable solutions.

The systematic dynamic simulation and analysis unique to NGC comes with a ductile iron box with excellent shock absorption properties, ensuring the product has outstanding dynamic response characteristics as well as smooth and reliable operation under heavily vibrating working conditions. The standardized spare part inventory makes it more efficient and convenient in terms of after-sales service, operation and maintenance, and the replacement of quick-wear parts, thus further improving efficiency and quality, will greatly enhance the user experience.

“Cleanliness” has no limits

High efficiency, cleanliness, low carbon output, and the use of advanced technology and equipment are the inevitable choices for the coal power industry, in order to achieve high-quality growth and development. NGC will continue to meet, and even surpass, its customers’ demands, work hard in the field of gear transmission, and provide better equipment solutions and comprehensive services for all coal power clients.

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