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Intelligent Drives Boost High Quality Development – NGC makes an appearance at the “Seventh China (Beijing) International Mining Expo”

Published: 2021-06-01


On May 27, 2021, NGC made an outstanding appearance at the “Seventh China (Beijing) International Mining Expo” (CIME). About 400 domestic and foreign exhibitors showed off their new products and technologies from the whole mining industry chain. This included exploration, production, refuse disposal, smart mining, and the integration of IT with Industrialization.

NGC brought many of its heavyweight products to the event, demonstrating the company's drive solutions for mining, ore dressing, smelting and other applications, and attracting a large number of professionals to stop by. In this way, NGC was able to reach even more mining industry customers and provide an in-depth understanding of the company's new products. Visitors left with a deep impression of NGC's exquisite technology and outstanding product quality.

Smart Mining Solutions

As part of the national “14th 5-year plan”, the mining industry is now developing towards more large-scale, efficient and intelligent solutions, and the all-round construction of smart mines has become a new industry trend. Based on the specific characteristics of different types of mining equipment applications, NGC developed a series of reducers to better adapt to the harsh site conditions.

1. Travelling Reducers

The NGC travelling reducer for engineering machinery, is based on a tailor-made modular design, and features a compact structure and strong carrying capacity. It is suitable for use with large excavators, drilling rigs and other kinds of engineering machinery, no matter in underground or strip mining applications, both having a broad scope of application.

2. MHB Standard Gearboxes

The MHB series of standard industrial gearboxes feature advanced design, strict manufacturing standards and high reliability. The MHB series is particularly applicable to the working conditions in sections of high power and long-distance belt conveyors (our largest single application has reached 2,000 kW). After years of use, the product performance remains excellent. At the same time, this series has also been successfully used in rotary kilns, diaphragm pumps, slurry pumps and other kinds of mineral processing equipment.

Efficient Ore Dressing Solutions

NGC boasts nearly 30 years of experience in grinding equipment, targeting the mining industry's high pressure roller mills and tower mills to develop the MPG and MPT series of products. These special designs have improved mechanical efficiency, saved energy and reduced consumption, making them meet the exacting requirements of large-scale, efficient grinding equipment.

1. MPG Roller Machine Gearboxes

The MPG roller machine gearbox is the result of a joint development cooperation between NGC's China and German R&D teams. Since its market launch in 2016, it has won strong recognition from our customers, showing excellent competitiveness on the market. This product's application range has reached 3,300 kW.

2. MPT (TM) Tower Mill Gearbox

The MPT (TM) series of tower mill gearboxes was the “Rare Beauty” of NGC's exhibits on this expo, attracting a large number of visitors. Based on their specialized application conditions, this product series features a professional design, and is characterized by its high reliability, smooth operation, convenient installation and maintenance. This provides a strong guarantee for the stable and efficient operation of grinding equipment for all mining enterprises.

3. MHS Special Gearboxes for Stirrers

Desilication tanks, decomposition tanks, size mixing tanks and other kinds of mixing equipment are used in the ore dressing industry in great quantities. These tend to have complicated loads and harsh environmental conditions. Reliability requirements for the associated gearboxes is therefore very, very high. The NGC's MHS series of mixing gearboxes are suitable for various application scenarios, and feature a variety of accessories. The special seal structure guarantees reliable performance, zero leakage, and minimal vibration during product operation. This series of gearboxes also feature low noise, less heat dissipation, long service life, and better efficiency compared to similar imported products on the market. Its energy saving performance is also excellent, and is thus greatly appreciated by users.

Smart Products and Services

NGC's intelligent Gear - Sight products and platform services include a monitoring system, cloud platform and expert diagnostics database, as well as predictive maintenance services. This product is based on multidimensional monitoring technology, and is realized through the Internet of Things. It ensures remote precision diagnosis of transmission equipment and accurate residual life evaluation. This can be customized to enable clients to create a more suitable maintenance plan, ensuring the intelligent and predictive maintenance of their products.

In recent years, the mining industry's requirements for intelligent, large-scale and complete set of equipment have become more and more demanding. Mining equipment enterprises have been ushered into new development opportunities. For a long time, mining equipment drive devices were mostly imported from overseas, but the continued strength of NGC has now made all kinds of “Chinese Heart” equipment possible. The company will make full use of its rich experience in manufacturing and industry applications, and commit itself to technical innovations and high-end manufacturing, in order to provide formidable power to the mining industry's requirements for high-quality transformation and development.

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