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Hand in Hand, for Common Development -- First Activity Day for NGC & XCMG Construction Machinery Foundation Customers was a Great Success

Published: 2021-07-09


In June 2021, NGC successfully held its first XCMG foundation customer activity day. This consisted of two parts: a seminar and a basketball friendly.

The cooperation between NGC and XCMG Foundation can be traced back to 2017. From first acquaintance to the mutual understanding, from the establishment of trust to the present close strategic partnership, the two sides have been moving forward hand in hand for many years, unswervingly moving forward side by side along the road of common development.

The XCMG Foundation Engineering Business Division is one of the industrial pillars of XCMG. With high-end equipment at its core, the division is committed to becoming a comprehensive solutions provider for foundation engineering construction and underground resource drilling and production.

NGC Group was founded in 1969 and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2007. “NGC” is a famous brand in China and an internationally renowned name that was cultivated and developed in Jiangsu Province. With its mission statement of being “Geared for a Better Future”, NGC Group has positioned itself as a global expert & solution provider of gearboxes and power transmissions.


At the beginning of the event, Mr. Wang Zhengbing, Vice President of NGC Group and President of the Industrial Business Division, Mr. Zhang Rui, Vice General Manager of XCMG Foundation, and Mr. Zhang Zhonghai, Standing Vice General Manager of XCMG Foundation, delivered the opening speeches.

Mr. Wang Zhengbing, Vice President of NGC Group and President of the Industrial Business Division

Mr. Wang Zhengbing expressed his gratitude for the presence of senior managers and colleagues from XCMG Foundation. He pointed out that with the deepening cooperation between the two sides, better serving its key customers will become a new focus for NGC. Through the first NGT & XCMG Foundation Customer Activity Day, we hope to deepen the connection and communication between each business sector, so as to facilitate even better development.

Mr. Zhang Rui, Deputy General Manager of XCMG Foundation

Mr. Zhang Zhonghai, Standing Deputy General Manager of XCMG Foundation

The seminar shared the current situation and breakthroughs of the NGC construction machinery reducers from four different angles. These were product R&D, testing and monitoring, the quality system and the key customer team, showcasing the achievements of NGC in this field. In order to further promote the deepening exchanges and service communication between NGC and XCMG Foundation, the key customer team has also designated specific members with their own job responsibilities, in order to better provide meticulous and efficient service for XCMG Foundation.

At the end of the seminar, Mr. Kong Qinghua, Secretary of the XCMG Foundation Party Committee and General Manager, delivered a concluding speech. He expressed his gratitude to NGC for celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC with XCMG Foundation in an innovative way. XCMG Foundation’s goal of 10 billion RMB cannot be achieved without the support of NGC. We look forward to working together to create a better future.

Mr. Kong Qinghua, Party Secretary, General Manager of XCMG Foundation delivering his summary speech

Group Photo

A friendly basketball match

The first XCMG & NGC Cup Friendly Basketball Match was played in the spirit of “sporting friends, seeking common development”. Both sides not only experienced the passion and ardor of the other side on the court, but also strengthened interactions and communications between the two companies off the court, thus enhancing their friendship.

Sweat and passion, staggered defense, dribbles and breakthroughs, tacit cooperation. Every shot brought a shock, as the field also cheered. Players competed with each other on the court, the cheerleaders never forget to cheer, providing moral and logistical support. Both sides cheered each other, creating a beautiful scene on the court.

The award ceremony

Group photo


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