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Launch Ceremony for 100,000 Wind Energy Gearboxes - Grand Opening of the NGC 2023 (Wind Energy) Customer Day

Published: 2023-03-17


On March 17th, the NGC 2023 (Wind Energy) Customer Day and the launch ceremony for NGC’s 100,000th gearbox had its grand opening in the beautiful Jinhu County of Huai'an City. The theme of the day was "All-Platform High-Quality Development". NGC GROUP discussed how to attain this development within the industry with more than 200 persons, including wind turbine manufacturers, wind energy developers and industry experts.

Win-win cooperation

The President of NGC GROUP, Mr. Hu Jichun, addressed the visiting guests in his opening speech: "The responsibility of achieving carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals has once more promoted explosive growth within the industry. The wind energy industry has become a driving force, while technological advances push the industry towards a grid parity era. NGC has constantly been engaged in technical development and innovation, with its products now boasting all-platform coverage from 750kW-18MW. At the same time, NGC has continuously optimized its production and service offering, further solidifying its global strategy from Nanjing and Baotou to Jinhu in Huai'an, and from America, Germany and Singapore to India."

The Secretary of the CPC Jinhu County Committee of Huai'an City, Mr. He Baoxiang, spoke highly of the fabled "NGC speed": "The NGC Jinhu Phase I Project took only 54 days from negotiation to signing, only 52 days to project commencement, and 302 days to completion and commissioning of a 330,000m2 workshop. The Phase II Project is now under construction and a part of the workshops will be completed and commissioned in June."

The Vice-chairman of the World Wind Energy Association and Secretary-general of the China Renewable Energy Society Specialized Committee for Wind Energy, Mr. Qin Haiyan, highly valued NGC's spirit of craftsmanship in the wind energy field, pointing out that "NGC has grown together with China's wind energy industry and has become an excellent representative of the entire industry chain. By the end of 2022, 140,000 fans with gearboxes have been installed nationwide, including more than 70,000 NGC gearboxes. This is a fact that has been recognized and appraised by all of you here."

General Manager of Zhejiang Windey Co., Ltd., Mr. Chen Qi, and Vice President of Goldwind Technology Group and General Manager of the Wind Energy Industry Group, Mr. Xue Naichuan, also delivered speeches, where they said that through their long-term cooperation with NGC, both sides had ensured mutual development, mutual achievements and jointly promoted the high-quality sustainable development of the Chinese wind energy industry in the grid parity era.

General Manager of Zhejiang Windey Co., Ltd., Chen Qi

Vice President of Goldwind Technology Group and General Manager of Wind Energy Industry Group, Xue Naichuan

All-platform high-quality development

The Executive Director of NGC GROUP and President of the Wind Energy Business Unit, Mr. Gu Xiaobin, said that NGC had always continued with its all-platform technological advances and development, and that the coordinated optimization and upgrading of dual-feed, semi-integrated direct drive and fully-integrated semi-direct drive technologies had led to the 5-18MW NGC StanGear and NGC WinGear serialized platforms. "We can offer uninterrupted power to enterprise competitiveness only thanks to our continued technical advances and quality improvements."

All-platform high-quality development also implies overall development for internal improvement. All departments have improved their modular abilities, always putting the customer at the center, in order to attain high-quality coordinated growth.

The Technical Director of product development at the Wind Energy Business Unit of NGC GROUP, Mr. Sun Yizhong, Deputy Process Director of the Wind Energy Business Unit, Mr. Cao Rongqing, Quality Manager of NGC GROUP, Mr. Chen Junwei, and After-Sales Service Manager of the Wind Energy Business Unit, Mr. Wang Fudong, introduced an effective way to attain higher-quality development for all modules from the perspective of R&D, manufacturing, quality and service.

Launch of NGC’s 100,000th wind energy gearbox

In the afternoon, the launch ceremony for 100,000 NGC wind energy gearboxes was held at the NGC Jinhu manufacturing base. As the Phase I Project has already been completed and put into production, and the Phase II Project is progressing rapidly, the NGC Jinhu factory is an important production base with an annual capacity of 25GW, specializing in the production of super megawatt gearboxes for marine applications.

The Executive Vice-chairman and Secretary-general of the China Association of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing, Mr. Qi Hesheng, said, "The delivery of 100,000 NGC gearboxes is an achievement of long-term and large-scale innovative R&D, dedicated study and accumulated know-how over nearly two decades, and an epitome of the Chinese wind energy industry in terms of learning, development and transcendence in certain fields."

The Secretary of the Party Committee and President of CHN ENERGY United Power Co., Ltd., Mr. Zhang Guangjun, said, "The gearbox is a core component of wind energy equipment, with high technical and performance requirements. Through our strategic and honest cooperation, NGC has delivered over 12,500 high-quality gearboxes to United Power. "

The Secretary of the Party Committee and President of CSSC Marine Wind Power Co., Ltd., Mr. Wang Manchang, pointed out that: "CSSC started to cooperate with NGC in 2016. Over the past 7 years, both sides worked in a spirit of close cooperation and mutual development, and succeeded in creating and batch manufacturing a series of products from 2.0-6.7MW."

The Quality Director of GE Renewable Onshore Wind Power China Region, Mr. Yuan Da, said, "We have cooperated with NGC, a world-leading manufacturer in the wind energy drive field, for over 20 years, covering more than 20 products across all product lines. NGC is a strategic partner worthy of respect and long-term cooperation."

"The launch of NGC’s 100,000th wind energy gearbox is not only a testament to the efforts and struggles of the past two decades, but also a new beginning for forging ahead with determination," said the President of NGC GROUP, Mr. Hu Jichun.

NGC will still stay true to its mission, promoting all-platform high-quality development with the customer at the core. Quality will remain the foundation, and innovative R&D the driving force, with optimized service offerings as an important guarantee, in order to achieve extraordinary results in the wind energy industry.

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