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NGC Attends PTC ASIA 2023 with its Latest Technologies and Products

Published: 2023-10-26


From October 24 to 27, the 2023 Asia International Fair for Power Transmission and Control (PTC ASIA) was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. NGC Accurate Drive Equipment Group Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the industrial business division of NGC Group, attended the event with its innovative technologies and products for the gear industry.

Adhering to the concept of “greenness, reliability, efficiency and added value”, we follow industry trends to be low-carbon, energy-saving and intelligent, and compete on the same stage as other high-end equipment manufacturers from across the globe. We hope that both old and new customers will feel the strong momentum of the gear industry’s high-quality development, fully showcasing our advanced technical background and capacity for innovation.

Our Star Exhibits

MGDS series permanent magnet and gear drive system

Combining a permanent magnet motor, a gear drive, and a conversion control system, the system boasts a range of advantages, including high efficiency, high torque density ratio, and intelligent control. Thanks to its low vibrations and light weight, it is also easy to install, operate and maintain, eliminating coupling transmission losses and saving on tedious maintenance tasks such as shaft regulation.

MHB series standard gearbox and the intelligent GearSight platform

NGC’s intelligent online transmission equipment platform can realize the real-time monitoring of all data, including ultrasonic information, vibrations, temperature, torque, and the presence of metal wear particles in the lubricating oil. Through a combination of the system’s expert diagnostic analysis and NGC’s profound understanding of gears, the system can ensure accurate remote fault diagnosis of the equipment and an accurate estimation of its remaining service life. The diagnostics results can be sent from the cloud platform to the intelligent engineering management system to perform predictive maintenance, improve the efficiency of factory equipment and reduce their operating costs.

M Platform R/F/K/S series gear motor

The four series of gear motors follow a modular design concept and support multiple input interfaces, output modules and installation modes, offering such advantages as low noise, oil-tightness, fast delivery, intelligent operation, and zero failures. They can satisfy the demands of customers for a fast response from the drive system and are thus indispensable for customers to promote lean production and build smart factories.

SEPS series double-screw extrusion gearbox

NGC is geared to the actual demands of customers and focused on the real conditions of the domestic rubber and plastics industry. In order to help improve the production efficiency and processes of end users, our R&D team has developed the SEPS series of double-screw extrusion gearboxes for the chemical and plastics industries. This product features high power density ratio, transmission efficiency and accuracy, as well as good reliability, low vibration, low noise and a low equilibrium temperature, thus satisfying customer demands for a high-performance gearbox.

MTG series high-speed gearbox

The MTG series high-speed gearboxes developed independently by NGC boast a highly competitive edge in such aspects as efficiency, vibration, reliability and cost performance, which can satisfy the various demands of customers and allow them to enjoy an outstanding experience of the highest stability and reliability.

MP/MPP series epicyclic gearbox

The exhibits displayed at the fair included main drive gearboxes for shield tunneling machines, MPP epicyclic gearboxes (such as travel drives for engineering machines) and the MPT series of tower-style grinding gearboxes, which features a wide range of applications. They all adopt a combination of modular and special designs to provide customers with the most comprehensive drive and transmission solutions.

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