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China Transmission created new record

Published: 2013-11-01


On October 29, the world’s first large mining height spur drive rocker coal shearer which was jointly developed by China Transmission Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd and Shenhua and Shendong Coal Group Co., Ltd., has created the single-day new record of coal cutting 22 knives and coal production 46,200 tons at Daliuta coal mine of Shendong Coal Group.

The coal mining machine is applied with the large mining height and easy maintained all straight tooth transmission rocker arm adopts five-stages transmission, which not only can improve the stability of the reducer, but also can reduce the failure rate of the rocker arm and the labor intensity of operator margin. It is still the first time that the technology can be applied in the worldwide coal equipment. It has simple structure and is easy to maintain. During the using process, it only needs basic maintenance such as periodic replacement of lubricants, sampling tests and so on, and gears, bearings and seals need no maintenance.

The equipment has got good feedback since trial running and operating at Daliuta coal mine of Shendong Coal Group. Some problems of the rocker arm existed in the operation have been solved and adjusted by workers. Daliuta coal mine strengthened the repair and maintenance of equipments so that the rocker can run more stably and production can be more efficient. Till October 30, the cumulative production in October has reached 900,000 tons of raw coal.

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