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NGC won the title of "2010-2012 Civilization Enterprise of Jiangsu Province"

Published: 2013-11-20


Recently, the commendation meeting was held by the Spiritual Civilization Steering Committee in Jiangsu Province in order to cite for the advanced units which have achieved outstanding results in the establishment of the provincial civilized units. Nanjing High Accurate Drive Equipment Manufacturing Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as NGC) won the title of "2010 - 2012 civilized unit of Jiangsu Province.

In recent years, NGC has been carrying out activities of setting up civilized units, and included the spiritual civilization construction program in the annual plan of our Group. The company has established a special leading group with clear guiding concept, overall objective, building contents and requirements. In the process of construction work, it carries out thematic education activities, enhances self-construction of the leaders and improves the spiritual civilization of them through continuous learning. Many activities were carried out by NGC every year, such as "encourage everyone to be competitor for stars of NGC" and "civilization Stars of NGC", and vigorously promote the advanced models so as to guide the employees to enhance the moral and civilized quality of them, and make them to consciously become civilized new communicators and the practitioners of value idea of our company.

Proposed by the Group company, the public-spirited activity learning from Lei Feng was organized by the departments of our subsidiaries among the volunteers, and all of them actively fulfilled their social responsibilities. In July 2010, the young workers from No. 5 branch plant of High Accurate Company came to the Nanjing social welfare, bringing fans, mats, chesses, Chinese chesses and other things along for the old people. In September 2012, to respond to the call of Urban Civilization, the company organized eight groups of young volunteers to participate in the " millions of volunteer service relay action of civilized unit ", the activities lasted for three days including cleaning in Park and Plaza, civilized guide and civilized persuasion and so on, which can play a positive role not only for both life and values of young employees, but also for them in the future development of enterprises to establish a solid foundation and gradually build the young and backbone group which can be responsible, work hard and fight in the future development of the company.

Meanwhile, a lot of detailed works about the cultural activities for our employees were done by our company. For four quarters of each year, we hold the regular large activities, such as climbing, long-distance running, dragon boat race, fire contests, sports meet, New Year concert and so on; and established the Photography Association, Basketball Association, Fishing Association, Badminton Association, Bicycle Association and so on; irregularly organized the activities for youth staff, such as red Song, basketball games, tree planting, social clubs, expand the quality of training and so on. Through the series of characteristic cultural activities organized by NGC, which not only enriched the amateur life of the employees, but also strengthened the sense of being master of enterprises for all of them.

In recent years, NGC has achieved remarkable results through creating the civilized units. We will take it as an opportunity to continue our efforts to systematize, discharge and diversify our system for cohesion of the power in the future development of enterprises and provide spiritual support for NGC to marching towards the development road of internationalization.

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