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NGC 5400kW dual planetary vertical mill reducer passed the identification of new products

Published: 2013-12-19


On December 14, 2013, the achievement appraisal meeting about "MLXSS540 two-stage planetary vertical mill reducer" developed by NGC was organized by the China Building Materials Association in Nanjing. The experts of the Appraisal Committee were from Wuhan University of Technology, National Materials (Tianjin) powder, Hua Xin Equipment, Chengdu Institute, Hefei Institute, Building Material Machinery Industry Association as well as the well-known Cement Group companies and so on.

The Appraisal Committee listened carefully to the work report, the research report, the social and economic benefits analysis report, the user report and the on-site report inspected by experts of the project. Through inquiry and disscussion, the product has been approved by the experts.

The Identification Committee believed that the successful development of the product has achieved the localization of high-power 5400kW vertical mill reducers, solved the problem that the spiral bevel gears of high-power reducer relies on import, reduced the weight and manufacturing costs, improved reliability, cost-effective, market prospects, economic and social benefits significantly, and the overall technical performance reached the international advanced level.

The 5400kW two-stage planetary vertical mill made by NGC in 2011 was first introduced to the market in China, which showed after running nearly two years that it has features of small vibration, low noise, smooth and reliable operation, good seal and lubrication, normal bearing temperature and advanced and reliable control system.

The two-stage planetary systems of the product has been optimized , especially for the process of heat treatment and the gear grinding to effectively ensure the depth of hardening layer and the gear tooth surface hardness. The two-stage planetary gears of the reducer adopts special modification techniques with full tooth surface to enhance the meshing accuracy and transmission stability and increase the overall carrying capacity. The thrust bearings used new generation of composite material, of which the PV value increased 40% than Babbitt alloy to improve the bearing capacity and durability of unit area. Since 2008 the company introduced the two-stage planetary vertical mill reducers to the domestic and foreign markets, from 3300kW to 6000kW, the different- power reducers has been delivered to the users at home and abroad(including China, Southeast Asia and the Middle East) and were praised by them.

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