Geared for a Better Future

Expert in solutions for wind-turbine gearboxes and transmission systems

About China Transmission

China High Speed Transmission Equipment Group Co., Ltd. (“China Transmission”) operates as a large professional corporation principally engaged in the manufacture of high-speed and heavy-duty gears. The Company was established in 1969 and listed in Hong Kong in 2007. The Company’s “NGC” brand is famous in the PRC market and well established in the international market. Its business is focused on wind energy gearboxes, rail vehicle gearboxes, industrial gearboxes and robot reducers.

Expert in solutions for wind-turbine gearboxes and transmission systems

Undertaking “Geared for a Better Future” as its mission, China Transmission is positioned to become a global expert in gearboxes and power transmission solutionsy. 50 years of development, it features advanced gear manufacturing technologies that are widely applied to various industries in wind power, rail cars, building materials, metallurgy, high-speed drives, general drives, mining, rubber, and plastic machinery. Paying particular attention to constant innovation in clean energy, low energy consumption, and high efficiency, the Company has become one of the international suppliers with reportedly the fastest growth, the best quality consistency, and the best developed services in wind power transmission.

A globalization strategy that helps realize international sustainability

Believing in the concept of “global equipment, technology, and management experience brings global sales”, China Transmission has strategically expedited its global operations. While consolidating its domestic market, the Company has successfully established operation centers and service agencies in the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific region, thus providing a larger population of users across the world with easy access to China Transmission’s premier products and thorough services. This will further enhance China Transmission’s brand and global service quality, thereby ensuring the sustainability of its corporate globalization.

Commitment breeds technology. Innovation drives the future.

Adhering to the spirit of “ascension and excellence”, China Transmission has always remained committed to technological innovation and advancement. With our national-level technology center, we have been dedicated to the research of technological applications for high-speed and heavy-duty gears under National Major Science and Technology Research Projects over the years. In addition, we undertake a number of major science and technology support programs under the “11th Five-year Plan” and the “12th Five-year Plan”, as well as Project 863 and Project 963. China Transmission was recognized as a National Innovative Pilot Enterprise, and Demonstrative Enterprise of National Technology Innovation.

Innovative thinking with zero defects

To become a financially healthy and sustainable industrial leader, China Transmission mainly focuses on the development of transmission technology and adheres to the four core competitive strengths of “innovative thinking, zero defects, professional services, and customer orientation” under the globalization strategy framework. In addition, by following our visionary market strategy and our management concept of zero defects, we continue to invest in innovation and advanced manufacturing technologies. Furthermore, we inject high-level investments in human resources and build an excellent corporate culture to outperform the average market development, thus to become a stable and sustainable leader of the industry.