Geared for a Better Future

Expert in solutions for wind-turbine gearboxes and transmission systems

Speech of President

It has been fifty years, and during the past five decades we have witnessed glorious springs and fruitful autumns. Several generations of workers at China High Speed Transmission Equipment Group Co., Ltd. have worked hard and the company gradually developed to become a leading company and internationalized enterprise group in transmission equipment market in China while walking the steps of reform and opening-up.

China High Speed Transmission now shows great vitality. Facing both challenges and opportunities in the second decade of the twenty-first century, we put forward the slogan - “Start a second venture, reach even higher”. The philosophy of being Geared for a Better Future has been inspiring us to transcend ourselves in the face of challenges.

How much value can an enterprise create for its shareholders, staff, customers as well as for society? This depends on three important variables: strength, ambition and platform. When matched with other variables, greater strength, ambition and platforms can create more value for an enterprise.

China High Speed Transmission Equipment Group Co., Ltd. enjoys advantages in technology, management, market and brand name, helping the company accumulate greater energy. If we wish to convert this potential energy into actual value, however, we must rely on the guiding force of farsighted policy and a broader development platform. Based on the these concepts, we seek to push forward the reformation of management systems, capital operating systems, and internationalized strategies as we gradually unveil a comprehensive transition toward leapfrog development and achieve remarkable results in innovation and technological R&D.

In the global economic integration, we take responsibility to revitalize our national equipment manufacturing industry, accelerating the process of internationalization of the enterprise, actively participate in international cooperation and competition, while supplying more high tech products for global customers. This allows us to establish international brand with core competencies.

Looking to the future, we see promising prospects. In the process of globalization, cooperation is still the mainstream. We will stick to mutual benefits and win-win principals to create a beautiful future with friends both at home and abroad.

We sincerely appreciate those who care, support and help the development of China High Speed Transmission!